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Hours of Operation
8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays or by appointment

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center (campus map building #1), first floor (behind the Information Desk)



WELCOME TO THE Student Involvement Office (SIO). We encourage you to visit the SIO early in your tenure with Ohio Wesleyan University. You will be surprised at how much we have to offer! We aim to be a one-stop shop for all student club and organization needs.

Located on the main floor of the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center, a distinctive “green-roofed building,” the main office is located just behind the Information Desk. Professional staff members assist students with the co-curricular aspect of their college careers. HWCC Information DeskWe recognize there is a balance each student must strike between course work and free time. Our goal is to support students while they learn this valuable life skill through leadership training workshops, off-campus trips to area attractions, and, most of all, through the student clubs and organizations on campus.

To date there are over 95 cultural, educational, sports and social clubs/organizations on campus. If the organization currently operating does not meet our students’ needs, there is a relatively simple process to start a new club. Most events sponsored by the SIO are free or at a minimal cost. If you are interested in starting a new club, feel free to stop by the Student Involvement Office for additional details.

Hamilton-Williams Campus Center is considered to be the “living room” of the campus and offers a space for students to come and relax with their friends.  Often times, the HWCC is busy with many events sponsored by our clubs and organizations during the lunch hour.  The HWCC also offers food service, a TV lounge, the campus bookstore, student mailroom, information desk, lost and found and many of the offices of the Division of Student Life.  

So bring your lunch and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Greek Life

Fraternity and Sorority members at Ohio Wesleyan strive to daily live their motto of, “Be More. Be Bold. Be Greek.” with passion. Nearly one-third of our student body are proud members of a Greek organization. These men and women work diligently to uphold the pillars of Greek life; Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood/ Sisterhood as they build lifelong friendships, develop leadership skills and characteristics, continue to be involved with community service and philanthropic initiatives, and support one another in academic excellence.


Recognizing that everyone has leadership capacity, our office strives to educate and encourage emerging and advanced student-leaders. Development programs/workshops focus on the process of leadership, including working collaboratively with other students, teachers or the public.  Leadership also provides education that allows the students to gain skills needed to work independently while improving the operations and overall management of their clubs/organizations.

In addition, our Leadership Office seeks to recognize students for their many wonderful contributions to Ohio Wesleyan University with awards such as the President's Club Recognition Award, The Meek Awards, The Columbus Initiative Award for Excellence in Tutoring and Mentoring, Program of the Year, The Donald G. Chenoweth Friend of WCSA Award and many more.  Awards are given during the annual Golden Bishop Awards ceremony.